LessacAudioBooks.com is a website which allows a customer ("you") to purchase and download audio books from Lessac Technologies ("Lessac", "we", "us"). These transactions are covered by applicable state and federal laws, as well as the following terms.


Many of the audio books available for purchase and download from LessacAudioBooks.com have been created using Lessac's automatic narration system from original texts which are now in the public domain. In other cases, the audio books were created from copyrighted works, under a license to Lessac from the copyright holder.

Irrespective of whether the original work is copyrighted or in the public domain, the audio performance of that work using Lessac's automatic narration system is a creative expression by our voice actors, speech scientists, software developers, and editors, and is copyrighted by us.

Accordingly, it may be a crime under American and international copyright law to make copies of the files you have downloaded -- except insofar as that copying constitutes "fair use" of the file. Statutory penalties for violating these laws can be severe.

We think it is fair for you to be able to listen to your purchases on the different personal playback devices which you own. You may keep the downloaded files on your personal computer, and copy them to and install them on one or more portable MP3 players which you own. You may make a reasonable number of backup copies. You may convert the MP3 files to some other audio format in order to listen to them on a non-MP3 playback device. You may burn the files onto a CD to listen to them on your stereo or in your car.

We also think it is fair for you to make a copy of a file in order to "lend it out" to a family member or friend, provided that, per purchase, only one person may be listening to a copy of the file at any particular time. Please keep in mind that if you lend out the work to another person, and that person violates the copyrights, you may be liable.


For your convenience we currently allow you to download your purchased files a reasonable number of times from our servers, without further charge. Upon your request we will email the download URL's for a purchase to the email address you gave us when you made the purchase. If you do not keep a record of the download URL's, you will need to maintain control of that email address in order to get another copy of the URL's from us.

To deter illegal copying, we decline to specify what we regard as a "reasonable" number of times to download an audio book which you have purchased from us. We don't expect that many of our customers making fair use of the works will overstep our download restrictions. But if you find that you are unable to download a Lessac audio book file which you have purchased, and believe that we have blocked your downloads in error, or that we should not have limited your downloads, please contact us so that we may consider changing our restrictions in your case.

Notwithstanding our Multiple Downloads policy, please be advised that Lessac makes no commitment that you will be able to download your purchased files more than once.


The audio books available on this site were synthesized from the text using a computer-based automatic narration system. Due to the limitations in the technology, there may be errors in the narration, such as mispronunciations, unnatural prosody, and other disfluencies, which have not been corrected manually, due to being overlooked. (We manually spot-check only part of the automatic narration, relying primarily on statistical checks which may not detect all problems.)

While most such errors will be minor, not too different from the types of errors a human reader will make occasionally, some may be severe enough to interfere with your comprehension or enjoyment of the work. Should you encounter such errors, please report them to us. Most likely we will be able to fix them and provide you with a corrected version of the book within a few days. However, we also reserve the right to refund the purchase price to you rather than fixing the problems.

Last modified: February 17, 2012