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Hidden in Plain Sight, Revised 2nd Edition: Getting to the Bottom of Puzzling Emotions by Barry Grosskopf. (368 pages, 6.2 hrs) 9.95
Become the conscious author of your own healing story by knowing your forebears' pain. A sorrow that had origins in your grandparent's childhood may silently be influencing how you conduct your life. ♦ Publisher's Web Site
Husbands and Wives All These Years: From Caring to Caretaking by Lillian S. Hawthorne. (160 pages, 2 hrs) 9.95
Along with the author's descriptions of patterns that emerge from studying couples in long-term marriages, the book includes brief interviews with over 20 couples and results in a heartfelt look at the realities of aging in long-term marriages. ♦ Publisher's Web Site
Seeing Beyond the Wrinkles: Stories of Ageless Courage, Humor, and Faith by Charles Tindell. (201 pages, 2.3 hrs) 9.95
In his award-winning book, Charles Tindell makes it clear that there is no reason why we should fear aging. His collection of real-life short stories about people's feelings and experiences will give you a greater understanding of not only the fears but also the joys associated with aging. ♦ Publisher's Web Site
Something's Not Right: One Family's Struggle with Learning Disabilities by Nancy Lelewer. (185 pages, 2.7 hrs) 9.95
Fast-paced, compelling true story of a dyslexic mother's determination to get her own learning-disabled children a good education. Learn some of the warning signs and where to go for help. Parents' Choice Approval. ♦ Publisher's Web Site
What are Old People For?: How Elders will Save the World by William H. Thomas. (370 pages, 6 hrs) 9.95
Written by a specialist in aging, this book draws upon popular culture, history, science, and literature to create a strong vision for a future in which old age becomes a healing force in our society. Dr. Thomas shows us how we can abolish today's version of nursing homes and develop the capacity for peacemaking and wisdom giving that grows within older people. Green Houses, communities where older people live together intentionally, bring meaning and worth to the last half of life. ♦ Publisher's Web Site