Twilight Land by Howard Pyle. 0.00
Twilight Land is a collection of stories written and illustrated by Howard Pyle. They were first published serial fashion in Harper’s Young People and then gathered together and published in book form by Harper and Brothers in 1894. They are dedicated to his daughter Phoebe, who was then eight years old. In the introduction, Pyle starts: I found myself in Twilight Land. How I ever got there I cannot tell, but there I was in Twilight Land. What is Twilight Land? It is a wonderful, wonderful place where no sun shines to scorch your back as you jog along the way, where no rain falls to make the road muddy and hard to travel, where no wind blows the dust into your eyes or the chill into your marrow. Where all is sweet and quiet and ready to go to bed. Where is Twilight Land? Ah! that I cannot tell you. You will either have to ask your mother or find it for yourself. The stories in the collection are: The Stool of Fortune, The Talisman of Solomon, Ill-Luck and the Fiddler, Empty Bottles, Good Gifts and a Fool's Folly, The Good of a Few Words, Woman's Wit, A Piece of Good Luck, The Fruit of Happiness, Not a Pin to Choose, Much Shall Have More and Little Shall Have Less, Wisdom's Wages and Folly's Pay, The Enchanted Island, All Things are as Fate Wills, Where to Lay the Blame, and The Salt of Life.