Rose 'O the River by Kate Douglas Wiggin. 0.00
Rose 'O the River (1905) is a novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin, most famous for penning Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Stephen Waterman, a lumberjack from northern Maine, fresh from his dip in the Saco River, scrambles up the hillside one morning from the outhouse. Far, far down on the opposite bank of the river is the hint of a brown roof, and the tip of a chimney that sends a slender wisp of smoke into the clear air. The little brown roof could never have revealed itself to any but a lover's eye. The pinkish speck that Stephen Waterman has spied from his side of the river is Rose Wiley, or sometimes Rose of the river. She had not only some of the sweetest attributes of the wild rose, but the parallel might have been extended as far as the thorns, for she had wounded her scores, -- hearts, be it understood, not hands. The wounding was, on the whole, very innocently done; and if fault could be imputed anywhere, it might rightly have been laid at the door of the kind powers who had made her what she was, since the smile that blesses a single heart is always destined to break many more.