Audio Books From Lessac Technologies

Lessac Technologies introduces, offering audio books created using our patented Lessac Narrator™ automated narration system.

Inexpensive MP3 Downloads

Most of our titles are free! . The books are delivered as downloadable MP3 audio files. Sample the complete first chapter of any of the classic audio books for free. If you like it, download the entire book in MP3 audio format. Listen to the book on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or MP3 player. Lend the files to your friends. Burn a CD to listen on your stereo or in your car.

Extensive Catalog

To get started, go to our online catalog by clicking the "Browse Books" link above. You can also enter the author's name or other search terms in the Search Box to find specific books..

We currently offer over 250 classic novels, with over 3000 hours of audio narration. More are coming. Click the "Add to Cart" buttons to add selections to your shopping cart. After making your choices, click the Checkout button to pay via PayPal or credit card, and receive your download links. Download the books. Start listening. It is that simple. We'll remember your purchases and if you need to download them again -- no problem.

Our Lessac Narrator™ system uses the highest-quality computer text-to-speech system which is commercially available, designed specifically by Lessac to come close to the expressiveness of human voice actors reading long texts. We use a "cloud" of hundreds of computers to create the audio, not an expensive sound recording studio and a whole production team. Our process takes hours, not months.

If you want a book read to you by a Hollywood actor, this isn't your solution. James Earl Jones' and Julia Roberts' audio book recording gigs are safe -- for now. But if you are interested in listening to classic novels read by a very comprehensible, expressive, and near-human voice, and you want to pay a lot less, we are here!